Lilien Communications helps you build successful relationships through effective communication.

Since 1995, Lilien Communications has been coaching senior executives and their teams, academics and their students, and individuals in all fields.  We use and teach proven and powerful communications techniques to help our clients confidently win and retain business, secure financing, and present to audiences—from one person to hundreds, in the United States and across the globe.

We believe communication is the cornerstone of success. Everything is possible when you share ideas in a way that works for you and your audience. Whether you’re presenting to prospective clients, looking for funding for your research, or presenting to colleagues, you need to find a common language—in words, tone, and actions—to find common ground. We provide the insight, tools, and guidance to help you communicate more effectively so you can meet your goals.


Copie is arguably the best presentation coach in the world. From visual, what you hear and what you say, she works with each individual to optimize each and every presentation.

Where she goes from great to exceptional is when she dives into your materials, studies them, then helps make your presentation even better. It’s full service.

– Charlie Kim / Founder & CEO of Next Jump, Inc.

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